Musician Phil Collins, 69, has fallen into the middle of quite a triangular drama. Divorced him in the summer Orianne Cevey, 46, has, in fact, taken over the home of a former Genesis drummer with her new husband.

Until now, Collins has been resigned as an underdog. Namely, Cevey left him in a mere text message in July. At the same time, the woman announced that she had met a new man and married her at a rapid pace.

Collins and Cevey were together for twenty years. Although the ups and downs in the ratio were enough to get married for the first time in 1999, they divorced in 2008. The couple reunited in 2016.

Now Cevey and his new spouse have taken over the former home of an ex-couple in Miami Beach, Florida. The duo stayed there while Collins was traveling.

So they just can’t be thrown out, as Cevey and the new man have armed guards safe.

Cevey is claiming $ 20 million, or nearly $ 17 million, in compensation for the divorce and is holding the house as collateral against the amount.

Collins has sued his ex-wife.

Collins and Cevey have two sons in common.

Sources: Dailymail, WPTV, Foxnews