Musician Phil Collins, 69, is known to be evicting his partner, already called an ex-wife Orianne Ceveyta, 46, on the Florida premises, TMZ news.

According to the magazine, the couple had divorced months ago and Cevey would have already had time to marry the new man. According to the entertainment site, Cevey would have secretly run away from getting married Thomas Bates with a man named. According to press reports, the duo would have been inaugurated in August in Las Vegas. Ceveyn has been told he lied to Collins that he was just going to Vegas for a business trip.

Collins’ measure is full and he wants Cevey out of his sight. According to TMZ, Collins has asked the woman to leave the Florida apartment, but she would not have agreed to the request. Cevey reportedly wants changes to the couple’s 2008 divorce agreement. Cevey has threatened to expose the public to sensitive allegations against Collins if the man disagrees with his demands.

Cevey is said to have changed the digital lock codes on the apartment owned by Collins to prevent the man or his case manager from entering the house. Cevey is also said to have treated the house staff “unruly”. Collins is said to plan to evict Cevey with the help of legal papers while the agencies open on Monday.

According to TMZ, Collins has already paid his wife $ 46.7 million in severance pay as a result of the recent divorce. Collins assumes that the wife has splintered the money into bad investments as well as an expensive divorce with another husband.

The couple has a turbulent history. Cevey is Collins’ third wife. They married in the late 1990s and had two sons, Nicholasin, 19, and Mathew‘n, 15. The couple signed the divorce papers shortly after the birth of the pit. The resignation took effect in 2008.

After the divorce, Cevey got married Charles Mejjatin with. However, the woman returned to the father of her children in 2016. The union must have come to an end now.

According to TMZ sources, Collins will continue to fund the lives of his sons. However, Collins is said to be ready to freeze the boys ’mother’s financial support.