PharmaMar obtains positive results on a drug against Covid-19

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The biotech PharmaMar has announced that its APLICOV-PC clinical trial with Aplidin® (plitidepsin) for the treatment of adult patients with COVID-19 requiring hospital admission has met the primary safety and secondary efficacy objectives.

After the announcement, the company has skyrocketed on the stock market and around 10 am it was the one that rose the most on the IBEX-35, 11.06%%, to 144.6 euros per share. As PharmaMar explains in a note sent to the CNMV, the study has evaluated three cohorts of patients with three different dose levels of plitidepsin (1.5mg – 2.0mg – 2.5mg), administered for three consecutive days.

The viral load of the patients has been assessed at the start of treatment and on days 4, 7, 15 and 30 thereafter, and the study has shown a “remarkable reduction” of it between days 4 and 7 after the start of treatment, so that the mean reduction in viral load on day 7 was 50%, and 70% on day 15. More than 90% of the patients included in the trial had initially medium or high viral loads.

He 80.7% of the patients have been discharged from hospital on or before the 15th day of hospitalization, and 38.2%, before the 8th, explains the note, which recalls that according to the protocol, they must be hospitalized for a minimum of 7 days.



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