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Pharmacist Eli Lilly suspended trials with its experimental COVID-19 antibody therapy for fears about your safety, days after US President Donald Trump praised the treatment and the company request emergency approval for your use.

According to the newspaper The New York Times, US officials said in an email exchange Tuesday that the Indianapolis, Indiana-based company had suspended clinical trials with antibodies due to “potential safety concerns.”

The tests were designed to test the effectiveness of the therapy in hundreds of patients hospitalized with COVID-19 compared to the administration of a placebo and the antiviral Remdesivir, used widely, but also experimentally, against new coronavirus infections.

Suspension entails a pause in the incorporation of new patients to tests to “exercise extreme caution”.

The breaks in therapies of this type they are not unusual and they usually involve a review by a committee of independent experts of the data to determine if the treatment is responsible for the side effects, which the company has not detailed.

Similar to Regeneron’s

Eli Lilly’s therapy is similar to the one developed by biotech Regeneron and administered to Trump during his convalescence earlier this month for his COVID-19 infection, which his doctor says no longer manifests with symptoms or contagious levels of the virus.

After returning to the White House, after four days admitted to Walter Reed Military Hospital, Trump praised Eli Lilly and Regeneron’s therapies, which he called “cures,” even though there is no evidence yet to support such a statement.

Immediately after both companies they applied for emergency approval of your antibody drugs by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

“I have the emergency authorization prepared and we are going to have to sign it now. And we are going to get well, they are going to get very fast,” Trump said last week.

The multinational Johnson & Johnson announced Monday that it has suspended its phase 3, final, trials for a COVID-19 vaccine for safety after a volunteer fell ill during the trials.

A similar reason led a month ago to AstraZeneca a stop a part of your rehearsals in the final stretch of clinical trials to obtain a vaccine in record time, for which they have the support of the US federal government.



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