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The Business Federation of Spanish Pharmacists (FEFE) has asked the Government authorization so that they can perform Covid-19 tests in pharmacies “given the seriousness of the situation as a consequence of the outbreak in many Spanish cities.”

On the occasion of World Pharmacist Day, to be celebrated this Friday, pharmacies insist on their request “on the grounds of the enormous capillarity of 22,000 pharmacies in Spain and the preparation of the 80.000 professionals who work on them. “

Under the slogan “Transforming global health”, the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) has promoted this initiative, to which FEFE highlights that pharmacies can carry out screening, prevention and early detection and tracking of Covid 19, with full guarantee, as they have been performing with other types of more complex tests such as cholesterol, glucose, triglycerides or pregnancy tests.

Poachers in beauty centers

“We are in a distressing situation and many people demand that we do these tests in our pharmacies, especially in rural towns where we are the only healthcare center,” explains FEFE President Luis de Palacio. He also denounces that these tests are being furtively carried out in beauty centers.

According to pharmaceutical companies, they can become a primary care center and offer other essential services for the population such as the dispensing of hospital drugs in pharmacy offices, so that patients do not have to travel to hospitals.

Also, make home delivery of medicines to vulnerable patients; participate in vaccination campaigns; renewal of medication for chronically ill patients and reported resolution of minor symptoms, among others.



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