Pfizer vaccine more effective than thought, company wants accelerated approval in US

Pfizer wants the corona vaccine that the pharmaceutical company is developing to be approved through an emergency pathway in the United States. The latest shared research results show that the vaccine has an effectiveness of 95 percent and is successful in 94 percent of all cases in people over 65.

EU has contract with Pfizer, the Netherlands expects 7.8 million vaccines

A high degree of effectiveness would also have been achieved among all other age groups, the pharmaceutical company emphasizes. Pfizer tested the drug on 41,000 people around the world and wants to share all research data with scientific journals.

According to Pfizer, the company has accumulated the mandatory two months of research data. No serious side effects would have been noted. The pharmaceutical company reports that 2 percent of all vaccinees experienced fatigue after the first injection. That percentage rose to 4 after the second dose.

A week earlier, Pfizer published the first research data on the drug that the pharmaceutical company is developing with BioNTech SE. Then the effectiveness of the virus was estimated at 90 percent, a lot more positive than experts had estimated.

The application for an emergency program to US health authorities is somewhat remarkable. Pfizer CEO Kathrin Jansen said when publishing the initial research results that more data is needed to bring the vaccine to market. The EU has signed a contract with Pfizer, which entitles the Netherlands to approximately 7.8 million corona vaccines.

The US drug watchdog FDA approved a home corona self test for the first time on Wednesday. This type of consent is normally only given in an emergency. With the Lucira Health test, Americans can determine within half an hour whether they have been in contact with the corona virus.

Pfizer expects to be able to produce at least 50 million vaccines this year. Since one person needs two doses to be protected against the coronavirus, the company could vaccinate 25 million people. The pharmaceutical company expects to be able to create 1.3 billion doses next year.

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