The introduction of a new set of rules for the World Long Distance Championship (WEC) is approaching, and with the arrival of representatives of the Hypercar machine class, which will replace the top category LMP1. Now Peugeot and its quarter-century partner, Total, have unveiled the car with which the French brand will compete in 2022.

Not much information is yet available about the race car. It is certain that it will be longer (500 cm instead of 465), wider (200 cm instead of 190) and heavier than the current LMP1s – there is no specific data on the latter, but the change is justified by the fact that manufacturers have to build mandatory road homologations for the Hypercar category. , and this has certain minimum safety and equipment conditions.

The car will be all-wheel drive with an electric motor of up to 200 kW (270 hp) on its front axle. The total power of the hybrid drivetrain will be 500 kW (675 hp).

Since two years is a very long time in street cars, and in motorsports, the development is not over – in fact, it has just begun. According to Peugeot’s motorsport division, the aerodynamic package has been partially finalized and the parameters and basic design of the powertrain have been laid. So there is still a lot of work to be done for developers from here.