Urban mobility has two characteristic features, especially in large cities: it moves on two wheels and seeks sustainability. The brands know this and are not far behind in the production of electric scooters, bicycles with pedal assistance and other vehicles adapted to the tracks.

If you are looking for a new motorcycle, take a look at these ‘made in Spain’ models

One of the oldest brands in Europe in terms of motorcycle production It has not been long either in opening its own box where interested parties and future buyers can gor not only to acquire your next motorcycle, but to enjoy a different buying experience.

So, Peugeot Motocycles opened the doors of its flagship BOX34 last week in the heart of Barcelona, ​​one of the Spanish cities with the highest concentration of motorcycles per inhabitants.

This establishment combines the services of a dealer with those of a workshop and has the entire range of the brand available to the public: motorcycles premium, electric, three-wheeled, professional … In total, they are 200 square meters dedicated to the sale and more than 300 meters for the workshop area.

Image of the exhibition of Peugeot Motocycles models.
Image of the exhibition of Peugeot Motocycles models.

The best thing about this new box is that those interested They can come to try two of the most cutting-edge launches of the lion brand: the Peugeot Pulsion and the Metropolis. The first is a 125 cubic centimeter scooter with great driving dynamism while the second is a 400 cc 3 wheel vehicle. that stands out in comfort and safety.

To go both to the sales and exhibition area to enjoy the workshop services and user assistance, among which is the collection, home delivery or use of a replacement vehicle; it is necessary book an appointment on the web, pointing to BOX34 among the options.