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The Peugeot 3008 and 5008 have always had two distinct sides of the same coin: their very similar appearance was associated with different emphases and functionality. This will be the case for the third generation as well: in fact, the siblings are sliding further apart than ever before.

The former lead designer of the brand, Gilles Vidal, talked about all of this recently, so there is a good chance that not only goals and hopes, but concrete ideas will support the separation of the couple. “The 5008 is bought by young families, while the 3008’s customers travel without children – either because they don’t have it yet or because the guys are already adults. Customers of the 3008 are typically more affluent, preferring to sacrifice non-vital extras. ” Vidal said, anticipating the changes. The 3008 will be sportier and more stylish; graceful outline even takes precedence over the rear headroom. The 5008, on the other hand, will be the epitome of practicality itself, with sidewalls and a tail close to the vertical – if you like, it will be closer to the ideal that the predecessor model represented a decade ago.

How all this fits into the image of Peugeot today is not even suggested. The vibrant, sporty 3008 would certainly do well with its youthful, bold nose design and muscular taillights of 2008, while the 5008 would perhaps be more harmonious with the pragmatic silhouette of the Rifter / Traveler duo. However, it is also possible that in three years this couple will introduce a brand new image in the Peugeot range, as by then all the current models of the brand will undergo their first model update.

What is already certain, however, is that the 3008 and 5008 will receive a fundamentally modified version of the current EMP2 floorboard. The main purpose of the change is, on the one hand, to support the installation of a purely electric powertrain and, on the other hand, to rule out the possibility of further use of the current range (internal combustion engines, mild hybrid powertrains and plug-in hybrid systems).

The new generation crossover pair will be the first to receive the EVMP floor plate, which allows the placement of battery packs with a capacity of 60-100 kWh and the installation of one or two electric motors. Engine power is expected to be between 136 and 340 horsepower, depending on the configuration.

Similarly, the range of purely electric recreational vehicles can vary over a wide range, reaching up to 650 kilometers. The series also holds thrills as a plug-in hybrid: a logical expectation, for example, is that the soon-to-be-launched 508 Peugeot Sport Engineered 360-horsepower all-wheel-drive powertrain will make the 3008’s top design truly fiery.

The Peugeot 3 is considering an electric off-road coupe

Source: Alessia Loreley Ombrella /

Since then, we already know that the new 3008 will be the first model whose electric version can receive a battery pack developed and manufactured by ACC, a company created in collaboration with TOTAL-Saft and PSA. On the one hand, this will give the manufacturer greater independence in the supply of batteries, and on the other hand, it will allow the installation of a more efficient, higher-energy, cheaper battery pack than at present.

Our images show the Peugeot 3008, renewed in 2020, as well as Peugeot off-road coupe studies by independent designers.



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