Petrucci wins, Márquez uncovers

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In this MotoGP World Championship, the staff have almost gotten used to expecting a crazy race every Sunday. And at the Le Mans Grand Prix, the rain fueled the adrenaline even more, total madness before starting, declared the race in water, and total madness at the end with the first victory of Danilo Petrucci, seventh winner in 2020, and the first podium of his life in MotoGP for Alex Marquez, after a run, with Pol Espargaró third.

First podium of the season for Honda, hard to believe after the tremendous superiority with which he has managed these last eight years with Marc Márquez. And the last name returns to the podium in MotoGP, at Le Mans, but in the name, very big as well as the celebration, an Alex. Plethora the little one of the saga after traced from square 18 on the grid to the final silver. And shortly after the victory, because he had pace and desire, but the 26 laps were short. «I feel fantastic, after starting at 18, it was not easy, then I began to settle overtaking. Some made me a bit of a plug, I was wasting time and maybe we could have fought for victory. Very happy for the team, who support me. And we will continue this line, growing, “explained 73.

There were 26 laps, the race shortened because the rain delayed its start. And in water, Fabio Quartararo, first on the grid and leader of the World Cup, castaway. Finished ninth, suffering a lot for not losing more seats and for seeing how the bike did not do the case that it had shown in the dry. A pending issue for the Frenchman, who maintains the first place in the standings because the rivals could not save him more points. Joan Mir, with many problems all weekend, he could only be eleventh. Y Andrea Dovizioso, who seemed to have the race made to win, became entangled in battles with Álex Rins and finished off the podium, fourth.

Quite a madness that already began with a nightmare for Valentino Rossi, a crash in the third corner and a third consecutive crash. The podium 200 is resisting the Italian. From there, the Ducati began to take the lead, but did not have a Álex Rins who starred in a real show from sixteenth place to lap 21, where he ended up on the ground as he approached leader Petrucci.

The Italian held on, while from behind, they watched as Álex Márquez marched on fastest lap after lap and approached the podium positions without remorse. After Rins doubled overtake and turned Ducati’s treble upside down, He took advantage of 73 to sneak into the party. With Miller out of the race with three laps to go due to a mechanical problem, the Honda went for it. His cold blood was tremendous to overcome Dovizioso and perhaps he missed that lap that shortened the rain to take the win. However, he already knows what it is to enjoy the drawer and finally makes up with courage and temperance the loss of his older brother.

“I took it easy for the first three laps. I did think, like at the beginning of the season, that a podium was a possibility and more so this year when everything is so strange. A podium in water does not mean much, but to continue believing. I made the leap to MotoGP at the right time. You have to replicate it dry, which is the difficult thing, “admitted the youngest of the saga.



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