Peter Crouch, former Liverpool and Tottenham player, among others, recalls a Champions League tie against him Real Madrid in 2011 when he was a member of the London team.

On that occasion, Crouch was sent off for a double yellow after having seen the first at the start of the game for an entry to Ramos and then the second for doing the same with Marcelo.

An arbitration decision with which the English forward did not agree at all: “The first card was fair. It was a ticket to Ramos. But the second was not. The second is Marcelo’s fault. I didn’t even touch him“, ha comentado Crouch en el podcast ‘From the Horses Mouth’.

And he goes further with his anger at that action he does not forget: “He made an incredible flight in the air. Then he rolled and when the referee gave me the second yellow he started jumping for joy. I have never wanted to kick someone as hard as Marcelo on that occasion. I was naive, “he remembers.

The match, corresponding to the first leg of the Champions League quarter-final, with Mourinho on the bench, he ended 4-0 in favor of Real Madrid.