It was a matter of time before it happened, and after several months of waiting the company has finally officially presented Huawei Docs y Petal Maps, its own solutions for Google’s office suite and the world’s most popular navigation system, Google Maps.

With this, the company covers one of the most important needs in its phones, because in the case of Android, Google Maps is an app that is integrated into many services that require location and that work to share location, so now the developers will be able to take advantage of Petal Maps to make their applications run smoothly.

Huawei reveals that Petal Maps will have 2D and 3D maps, it will work to find places and trace routes from one point to another, it will provide real-time traffic information, it will have data on public transport and its busiest times and will be available in more than 140 countries and available in 70 different languages so it is a fact that it will work in Mexico and in Spanish.

Another detail with which Huawei seeks to add more value to users is that the function can be controlled with gestures in the air on compatible phones such as the Mate 30 or Mate 40, something that will be of great help to users when they use the application while driving. .

The beta of Petal Maps will soon arrive at the App Gallery, although the exact date has not been revealed, but it has been said that it will need Huawei mobile services (HMS) to work.

Huawei Docs: an alternative to the Google and Microsoft office suite

Huawei users know that it is impossible to use Google Docs, Sheets or Slides on Huawei phones because these services necessarily require Google services, so it is not enough to install the APK of these applications, but it is also necessary to do so the same with Google services, so it is a problem to use these services in a normal way.

Fortunately there are solutions such as Microsoft Office, which is available in the App Gallery and that works really well on Huawei phones, however, the Chinese firm has announced Huawei Docs, its own office suite that is a solution to the Google platform because it is totally focused on working in the Cloud.

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Huawei Docs will allow us to edit and view a document at the same time from several devices, although it has not been mentioned whether it will also be possible to work with them from a browser.

This application will reach more than 100 countries in the coming days, because like Petal Maps, the beta version will be published soon in the App Gallery.