Peru rejects statements by Pablo Casado regarding the pandemic

The embassy of Peru in Spain he expressed his “discomfort and rejection” of statements by the leader of the Spanish Popular Party (PP), Pablo Casado, who mentioned the Andean country this Wednesday during a debate in the Congress of Deputies.

The Peruvian ambassador in Spain, Claudio de la Puente, sent a letter to Casado “to express the discomfort generated in Peru and in the embassy” under his charge after the president of the PP affirmed that “only Perú is worse “than Spain after the crisis generated by the pandemic of COVID-19.

Peru’s position

The letter was published this Thursday on the official Twitter of the Embassy of Peru in Madrid in which “the unfortunate reference to Peru “by Casado.

“I am not going to discuss the substantive issue or the management that each government has made of this enormous challenge. I would be unable, from my position as ambassador of Peru, to judge or publicly pronounce on the internal situation of a friend country“De la Puente emphasized in his letter.

He added that the severity with which COVID-19 has affected Peru as well as other nations of Latin America“, although he remarked that” it is an objective fact that in recent weeks there has been a gradual decrease in fatality figures as well as infections “.

Bilateral relationship

“Peru and Spain enjoy a privileged relationship, deep historical roots, with a very dense and rich content, a link that largely transcends the governmental sphere and the circumstances of the situation and of the political party debate, “the diplomat remarked.

De la Puente argued that in this sense, he has the responsibility of “working to preserve and permanently strengthen said relationship, even more so with the celebration” ad portas “of the bicentennial of the peruvian independence, which will be commemorated on July 28.

“Therefore I reiterate my discomfort and rejection to what I consider an unfortunate reference to my country and I appeal to the prudence and restraint inherent in his high inauguration “, concluded the ambassador.



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