The ruins of the ancient Inca city of Machu Picchu in Peru are a popular tourist destination, which is why Peru has sought to protect a culturally and historically immeasurably valuable place by limiting its number of visitors.

Machu Picchu, which had been closed for as long as seven months, opened over the weekend, albeit only for a moment. However, only one tourist, a Japanese man, entered the ruined city Jesse Takayama.

– He had come to Peru with his dream of getting in, the Peruvian Minister of Culture Alejandro Neyra said on Monday.

According to Neyra, Takayama finally visited Machu Picchu on Saturday.

Takayama had applied for admission to Machu Picchu as early as March before the place was closed and corona restrictions took effect in Peru.

Since mid-March, Takayama had been waiting for his dream to come true in the small town of Agues Calientes in the Andes near his destination.

He was originally scheduled to be in Peru just days before entering Machu Picchu.

– This is awesome! Thank you! Takayama said in a video filmed in Machu Picchu.

Culture Minister Neyra says Machu Picchu will open to Peruvian and foreign tourists in November, but he did not say the exact date.

Only about 200 people a day, or less than a third of its normal daily number of visitors, can get to know the ruins of a city built by the Incas more than 500 years ago.

– We are still in the middle of a pandemic, Neyra reminds.

In Peru, more than 33,000 people have died from coronavirus COVID-19.