Peru – Argentina, qualifying Qatar 2022: a scare with the VAR for the National Team

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After a long wait, the Colombian referee determined that there had been no foul by Armani against Cueva.

Less than ten minutes were being played at the National Stadium in Lima when a play paralyzed the Argentine players. Again with the VAR as the protagonist, as happened on Thursday in the Bombonera against Paraguay and the goal well annulled to Lionel Messi. This time a possible penalty was reviewed but, after checking the monitor and after a very long wait, the Colombian Wilmar Roldan did play along. And it was good: there had been no infraction by Franco Armani to Christian Cueva.

After a long ball from Trauco, Cueva beat Nicolás Otamendi and Nicolás Tagliafico in speed and went to face River’s goalkeeper. Armani came out quick to shrink and stretched out his right leg. The Peruvian striker defined from above and the ball was deflected. In the race, he tried to confuse the referee by throwing himself at the Argentine goalkeeper.

That is what was clearly observed in the review of Roldán, who accepted the invitation of the VAR, led by his compatriot Andres Rojas, to review the play. But Roldán solved it well since Armani braked his leg and even tried to run his right foot backwards so as not to make Cueva fall, who threw himself to the ground.

In short, it was just a scare for Lionel Scaloni’s team.



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