Peru – Argentina, for the Qualifiers for Qatar 2022: the 1×1 of the National Team with Lo Celso as the best of the night in Lima

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The Tottenham man, who entered through Exequiel Palacios, was the one who managed the team, well supported by Nicolás González and a Lionel Messi who made an extraordinary wear.

It was a round match for the Argentine National Team, with many high points and none low. Giovani Lo Celso corroborated the good he had done against Paraguay. Nicolás González’s shirt doesn’t weigh down and he plays with ease. Lionel Messi played as always and ran like never before: he made a notable wear in Lima. The defense did not suffer and the performances of the midfielders increased.

He didn’t have too much work. He dipped very well in the only danger in Peru, the one-on-one with Cueva that was reviewed by the VAR for a possible penalty.

Sign on the mark. More was screened in the first part. It is loosening more and more to resemble the one that is date to date in River. He is adding experience and minutes.

Solid, without errors, beyond a bad delivery in the second part. Very good on the advances and loose to handle the ball.

It was neglected in the first of Cueva and later it took hold. He nodded in defense and attack. It was noticed faster than in previous games.

The usual delivery, although he added more in attack. He made an interesting tandem with Nico González. He scored a center goal for Lautaro, who screwed up the definition of left-handed.

He played from the right wing, but closer to the center than to the band. It was a spare wheel. He lacked more weight in attack.

A masterful qualification for Lautaro for the second goal. Attentive to the relays, he played concentrated. He recovered several balls.

The figure. He stood next to Paredes and from there he managed the team. He was intense on defense and smart on offense. He associated a lot and well with everyone. He made the play of the first goal.

A necessary appearance. Run and play. The responsibility does not weigh on him. In Peru he played as a left wing and returned to celebrate.

Perhaps the game that ran the most in recent years. He had a great second half. He was denied the goal, as happens in Barcelona, ​​although he sought it in various ways. He found many partners.

He took off the mufa with the goal and changed the image he had left against Paraguay. He masterfully defined the heads-up he had with Gallese. He ran all defenders in pressure.

The power of always. He had one and the archer took it from him.

They did not qualify because they played less than 20 minutes.



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