Russia does not intend to ignore the demand of Finland, Sweden and the Czech Republic that Russia send a men’s national team to the November Karelia tournament.

Russia announced a national team of under-20s to the tournament to give the team a good feel before the World Cup at the turn of the year.

The rules of the Euro Hockey Tour say that the Finnish, Swedish, Czech and Russian sub-tournaments are played on men’s national teams.

In an interview with RIA Novost, the vice-president of the Russian Hockey Federation and the national team GM Roman Rotenberg announced that the Junior team will travel to Helsinki despite the demands of other countries.

The unions of the four EHT countries will still discuss the situation today, Thursday.

Now Finland, Sweden and the Czech Republic have a great opportunity to put a blunt end to the Russian bulge.

Throw Rotenberg and Russia out of the Karelia tournament!

Russia has been bulging in international hockey – and quite a lot on other stages as well – long enough and too much. Russia is doing what it amuses, because the Russians think the rules do not apply to them, only to other countries.

It is high time for this bold and brazen action to find an end now.

Rotenberg and his family have a warm relationship with President Vladimir Putin. It is also reflected in the Rotenbergs’ bank accounts.

These two things have taken Rotenberg to the position he is currently in. And in recent years it has been clearly seen that the young man has gotten too much too fast.

If Kalervo Kummola had still been the chairman of the Hockey Association, the Iron Chancellor would probably have already put the upright in Rotenberg’s control.