There are two areas in the world of sports that determine an interest in an athlete.

Actions and expectations.

The performances already done speak in favor of competence, but at least as much of the general public is always interested in the unredeemed potential.

The risk is that expectations get out of hand.

The downright sacred task of the media seems to be to grind out more and more wild speculations. The more talk about the species, the better for everyone.

One of the best tricks is to heat up the driver’s seat of a top-of-the-line garage driver. If the contract is interrupted, a great driver in the middle caste will always be placed on the stand.

This has been the story of Valtteri Bottas for years.

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The Finn has received a follow-up contract from Mersu every year since his choice, but repeatedly pressure has been put on the neck from one direction.

So far, both Esteban Ocon and George Russell, Mercedes junior drivers, have been left licking their keys. This is definitely a tribute to Bottas. These are two hard-caliber drivers.

But how hard a caliber? Ihanko future world champions, as the busiest headlines suggest?

Time will tell where Ocon and Russell will reach in their careers. However, there is a lot of work ahead if the duo are going to redeem the wildest expectations.

This season at Ocon, Renault has been anything but a success. Looking at the current going, it seems amazing how loudly he was demanded at the helm of Mersu. I strongly doubt that the level of earnings would have been at the level of Bottas.

There is still a lot to prove to Russell as well. The championships in the lower formula classes are, of course, excellent displays, but in F1 the spurs are yet to be acquired.

The stings of Robert Kubica, who is half-fit and has taken a nine-year break, and Nicholas Latif, a newcomer and money-savvy, are not fading merits. Russell is undeniably a fast driver, but mistakes come in far too many.

Citizenship, that’s the magic word here. The British media is certainly not sensitive to drumming a bright future for the son of his own country. But instead of beautiful words of praise, you should follow what the man is doing with his own eyes.

The history of F1 is full of drivers who were deprived of big deeds but whose achievements ultimately fell short of expectations.

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As Giancarlo Fisichella got a tough result on the middle caste, the F1 media and fans praised him like one mouth.

“If Fisi just got a place in the top stable, he would be the elite of the series.”

But what happened when the place opened? The Renault years brought two victories, while teammate Fernando Alonso celebrated two World Championship titles.

It’s easy for Romain Grosjean to laugh, but how many remember him being one of the hottest drivers in the series in late 2013? The wildest titles painted him one of the top drivers in the series at the time. It is an honor to disappear.

Bottask has gotten to bask in the center of the praise.

At the moment, the Finn is making a worthy mark on Mersu in all respects, but the biggest words of praise for the man were written when he fought great driving performance at Williams.

The speeches were in line with what Ocon and Russell are now receiving.

From this it can be deduced to bring out the heroes of the media-loving middle caste. When you shine behind the tip, there are curves straight The assumption that the going will continue at the tip as well big boys playing.

It does not naturalize in almost everyone. Bottas has been successful, so Russell still has plenty to do if he’s going to live up to the expectations piled on his shoulders.