The debates are not Donald Trumpin strength. That may now be the case after four presidential debates. In the previous election, Trump took a big figure after facing it Hillary Clintonin for the first time and lost support, and the other two encounters brought no change.

The same thing happened last week at the first encounter Joe Biden with. The president, who appeared to be a school bully, failed in his strategy to pull the opponent to his own level. It was already evident in early opinion polls, which show that Biden’s lead has increased by almost three percentage points since the debate and has now risen to a total of ten percentage points. By comparison, Clinton’s lead under the election was a maximum of seven percentage points, and his support never rose above 50 percent, unlike Biden’s now.

Based on the storm of tweets in recent days, Trump feels he is in the lower nail. He is a fighter. The weaker he feels he is, the more he adds revs and steam to the machine. Hillary Clinton and Obamagate have once again spoken from some naphthalene. Democrats reportedly plan to close American churches. False news covered false galleries. And so on.

However, Fox News released its own figures on Wednesday, of which Trump has been quieter. According to a news channel sympathetic to the president, the gap in nationwide support for Biden has widened from five percentage points in the previous measurement to ten.

It also doesn’t look good in Libra states. In Quinnipiac University’s measurements, Biden’s management has stretched to 11 percentage points in Florida and 14 in Pennsylvania. Both get a plethora of voters and Trump won both states in 2016.

The body that holds the presidential election debates announced today, Thursday, that for security reasons related to the corona, it has decided – in the spirit of the times – to post the debate online.

Trump announced directly in an interview with Fox that he did not intend to participate in the remote discussion. Instead, the campaign team is going to pull it off Bill Stepienin according to hold an election ceremony.

Indeed, both Trump and Stepien fired at the full-fledged debate commission. It serves them, as Trump has once again tried to appear as an outsider, against whom the entire system of debates, including Moderators, works.

It may be that a virtual debate is a trick for Trump. A way for him to withdraw from an unfavorable struggle without losing his face and continue the war in arenas that are favorable to him.