That’s where it finally came from. Kimi Raikkonen continue in formula number one for at least another year.

The sequel to the 41-year-old and the most experienced driver of all time is a big deal for formulas. The value of the Iceman in one of the most popular drivers in the series in the market sense brings the species the much-needed boost.

However, the old merits do not warm up on the track. What can Räikkönen achieve in the season 2021?

Räikkönen is currently driving his second season with Alfa Romeo. After 21 GP victories and one world championship, fighting for residuals doesn’t sound like a very attractive option.

From the ratchet itself, this has hardly taken a moment. He knew what he was going to do when Sauber, branded as Alfa Romeo, changed into a going game after Ferrari.

The fans of the Finnish driver have had to click on the expectation values. Some have succeeded, some have not.

At the moment, it is a feat for Räikkönen to survive in the opening section of the time trials. Not a single World Cup point is a tough thing. Internalizing this still needs to be worked on.

I am happy about the continuation of Räikkönen’s F1 career, but I admit earlier this season I thought differently.

When Alfa Romeo was at its worst, I hoped Räikkönen would hang the Driving Gloves on the pound after the season. It felt sad to watch one of my biggest favorites scramble as a sequel to the gang, even though Räikkönen himself did everything right.

The story continues after the picture.

The follow-up agreement creates hope for better, but equally it forces me to check my own expectations.

Räikkönen himself has repeatedly stated that he enjoys driving above all else. Alfa Romeo can’t offer him anything else. Even if the stable develops, it won’t bounce into a top fight next season.

I too must think like Räikkönen in the future. I rejoice in his involvement and success, and I don’t think his reputation will somehow suffer from this.

An agreement always requires two parties. Räikkönen’s sequel in the stable says that he enjoys appreciation inside the stable.

Alfa Romeo had a choice for next season. The fact that Räikkönen was the choice of the stable is a feather in the Finnish hat.

The choice was quite easy in the end. Flawless and amazing individual performances like the opening round of the Portuguese GP serve as a reminder of Räikkönen’s driving skills.

Maybe Räikkönen is no longer a virtuoso like his best, but the damn tough Icebreaker is still. And damn hard deserve a ride in formula number one.