That seemed almost civilized. Donald Trump and Joe Biden may not have restored faith in the political debate culture, but the duo’s last encounter in the ballroom of the University of Tennessee was much better than the first.

Trump had finally realized that talking to Biden was not the best way to increase his support in terms of election technology.

But unfortunately, he hadn’t gotten rid of his Hunter Biden obsession.

At the same time, as he continued his son’s corruption allegations against his opponent, he forced Biden to appear as a father defending his own offspring.

– The only reason he comes back to this nonsense is that he doesn’t want to talk about the right things. However, my family is not addressed here. This conversation concerns your family, who is currently suffering, Biden turned directly to the camera.

Interest rates rising

It was a direct speech to the voters. It allowed Biden to appear as a messianic savior at a time when more than a thousand corona deaths a day were again being recorded in the United States.

The acceleration of the epidemic, of course, means that more and more American families are “suffering” at the moment. It was to them that Biden knew the message that he would bring comfort to the darkening autumn.

The final debate was Trump’s chance to blow his campaign embers into full flame. He should have been able to knock out his Democratic opponents either with a verbal top hook or expect Biden to bump into the canvas with his own poetry.

Neither came true. An unresolved outcome left the situation unchanged, which is not enough for Trump.

Pinna betrayed

The further the debate progressed, the more anxious the president became. Impatience began to accentuate as the sand dwindled from the hourglass. However, Kristen Welker, a journalist for NBC, who led the debate, held the wires in his hands and was not confused by Trump’s attempt to dominate the airspace.

Indeed, based on the debate, Welker would certainly be his biggest favorite as president if he were just a candidate. It was on his merits that the conversation stayed in check, though Trump still had difficulty staying within reason.

– Oh good God, Biden sighed as Trump compared his merits to Abraham Lincoln.

Referendum on Trump

The NBC channel had divided the discussion into six different topics. It is difficult to say how much the fight against climate change is of interest to the average voter. But for those for whom it is relevant, there is certainly no difficulty in choosing their own candidate.

“They kill all the birds,” Trump explained of the “danger” of wind farms.

Biden’s derogatory laughter in response could already be a sign of a winner. He knew that the closer election day came, the more secure his position would become.

The U.S. will move to the ballot box in just 12 days. At least the last discussion did not change the balance of power in any way.

The presidential election has become a referendum on Donald Trump, where Joe Biden represents the “no” camp.

And it suits him.

– I look forward to the election results, the former vice president assured.