The Big Brother reality TV show spun off a week ago on Sunday as 16 residents stepped into the house and cottage. Now there are 14 residents when Tiia dropped in the eviction vote and Sini left the house completely unexpectedly on Monday. The reason for leaving the house is a divorce application, Sin’s man when he filed for divorce in the Satakunta District Court on Friday.

For Blue, it’s confusing how fast everything has happened. In just a week, Sini lost her place at Big Brother, she is in danger of losing her marriage, her love and her job, that is, quite a few basic pillars of life.

Blue is beaten and named on social media in really harsh terms and is made into memes on a conveyor belt. And this is because he participated in Big Brother and is now going through a personal tragedy that we don’t know everything about.

The reasons for filing for divorce are downright movingly unanimous; Sini slept in a spoon with Artu and enjoyed his armpit. Some viewers also believe the pair played a hand game while spooning.

The husband himself did not specify the reasons for Iltalehti.

-Tämmöiseen solution I have now arrived, and things certainly still under discussion and threshed them through. However, I am not going to go into this further now, the man said on Monday.

So, he has no more backgrounds in causes and he doesn’t need to. We spectators don’t know if the couple had problems and challenges even before going to the house. Was spooning just the last staple? We don’t know.

Our perception of Sin, and of course other residents, is based on what BB’s production wants us to see, but we have no idea and shouldn’t have any idea about the man.

We know that factual deception and outrageous use have been seen in reality television programs for as long as they have been committed. But a divorce application when the program is still in its infancy is completely exceptional.