How would you crystallize this season’s Big Brother? Divorce, Sam’s hornets about Freemasonry, and that’s what it really is.

The divorce application filed by Sin’s man was the most dramatic thing that has happened to Big Brother in Finland on the moon, as sad as it is, but nothing surprising has been seen since.

The season is exceptionally long and it cannot be assumed that there would be enough twists and turns every day, but when those twists and turns have not been seen just since then the unification of the peasants and the cottages.

Violent outbursts of emotion and faceless quarrels have also shone with their absence.

Residents have been physically tested in the form of various weekly assignments, but the mental ordeal has been less (unless it is therefore counted that residents live in a locked BB house).

Yesterday saw a long time from Big Brother’s rapture, which was exactly what the program missed. Big Brother called the residents snippets of Ella and Roope’s speeches. At night, Big Brother even woke up the residents by playing snippets where Ella and Roope talked about naming, something that is absolutely forbidden to talk about.

Making speeches immediately tightened the atmosphere in the house, awesome! A particularly large number of residents were tormented by the fact that it was not clear at first why Ella and Roope’s speeches were made.

That’s exactly what the house wanted. A little psychological stuttering increases suspicion among the residents. While the danger could be that residents are now wary of their speeches when they fear Big Brother will play other rattles and gossip, but stubborn residents will remember to be on their toes for very long. Reclining position when more characteristic of phlegmatic residents.