Perez: The balance of power may change on the new track

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Before the Portuguese Grand Prix, Racing Point drivers Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll talked about their expectations from the Algarve circuit …

Sergio Perez: “In 2009 I played here in GP2. A lot of time has passed since then, I hardly remember anything about the track! In fact, we will arrive at a new circuit for ourselves. An interesting challenge awaits us, but we will try to pick up speed as quickly as possible.

Everyone’s lack of experience on this track can affect the balance of power. We are in the middle of a series of races on unknown tracks. We haven’t chased at the Nurburgring for a long time, now there is a stage in Portimao, and then we will go to Imola. It is unusual to have so many races on unfamiliar tracks.

As a rider, I like it. It is always more difficult and more interesting to compete on a new track. I hope this will affect the balance of power, and the fans will see an exciting race.

I speak a little Portuguese, but I haven’t spent much time in the country. I think when the situation in the world returns to normal, I will come to Portimao again and study everything properly. “

Lance Stroll: “Perhaps the alignment of forces on the new track will change. However, we are all professionals, and like all other teams, we have done a lot of preparatory work. On Friday, in training, you have to pick up speed and learn the track as quickly as possible. I suppose that everyone will try to achieve the maximum in qualification.

I competed in the Algarve in European Formula 3 and I remember that the track has a large vertical drop. In addition, the asphalt was rather bumpy, but it was shifted before the Grand Prix. Fast connections and vertical drops will be a real challenge for the riders. I think the TV picture will be exciting.

Given the level of competition in Formula 1, every weekend must be carried out without mistakes, even on familiar tracks, and the upcoming stage will not be an exception. We have to focus on our program, execute it and get the most out of the car during the weekend. “



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