Pertti “Pepe” Willberg and Pauliina Visuri represented the magnificent Domakers Finland at the birthday party in Helsinki on Thursday. Willberg and Visuri said the filming of the My Life Song program started nicely.

– It’s an absolutely great program. There are some other gigs again. Towards autumn, Pauliina Visuri told Iltalehti. Visuri also serves as Willberg’s manager.

Pepe Willberg had to put his calendar completely new in the spring because of the coronavirus situation.

– In March, the gigs ended like a wall. Since then, one has become accustomed to the idea of ​​whether they will ever come again. We have somehow got along, the singer told Iltalehti.

In July, the phone started ringing promisingly again, but now there are noticeable signs of a new silence.

– It was thought that yes that spring will survive if it (the coronavirus) is so short. Especially when it started to pick up a bit in July. Now it is uncertain about the autumn, Visuri stated in an interview with Iltalehti.

Pepe Willberg and Pauliina Visuri planned to perform a major cleaning at home at the beginning of the coronavirus situation.

– It’s not done, Willberg revealed.

Instead, the couple has enjoyed cottages, for example. In addition, the couple has visited Visur’s children in Oslo. Band trainings also continue as usual.

The death of Vexi Salmi grieves Pepe and Pauliina. Pepe Willberg and Vexi Salmi have had time to work together for many decades. Willberg and Salmi called often. Even in his last years, Salmi made texts for Willberg.

– I feel like we were kindred. He was a romantic just like me, Willberg describes his late partner.