Pepe Gros (Zaragoza, 1948), one of the members of the Puturrú de Fuá group together with Curro Fatás and Juan Manuel Labordeta (nephew of politician José Antonio Labordeta), He died this Tuesday at his home in the Aragonese capital at 72 years of a heart attack.

Gros had a peculiar sense of humor and a special gift for social gatherings and the pleasures of life and thought. The band was born in 1978 with their style “ironic, satirical, corrosive, scathing, peristaltic and tortuous”, as they themselves used to say, in which the slyness, the festive, the ironic, the transgressive and a vein of bad milk or acidity were mixed that did not exclude surrealism.

Pepe Gros and Juanma Labordeta came from musicals, and Curro Fatás from theater. Parody, humor, mockery and psychedelia are one of his hallmarks, with themes in which they even dared to talk about the Transition.

The reminiscences of Puturrú from Fuá to groups like La Trinca o Les Luthiers, although also its evolution closer to bands like the Mondragón Orchestra. They played different musical styles, from ballads to boleros, through rock, tango or jota. And his recognized success cannot be forgotten, Don’t forget the towel when you go to the beach, from 1987 that sold more than 365,000 copies and that is still playing.

Curro Fatás has only had good words about Pepe Gros in conversations with Herald: “He has been like a brother to me. Pepe Gros he was an endearing, generous and funny man, a ‘bon vivant’. I met him and Juan Manuel Labordeta one night, at two o’clock, at El Parador del Ciclista on Avenida de Valencia “.

He was an enlightened man from Zaragoza, charming, who never got angry. Then I saw them play at the Chal Chal, and we already joined “, the group member recalled. we called him the Marquis of Gros or the Marquis of Puturrú […] The three of us were very involved in the songs and the music, we had a very collective creative process, and he worked with enthusiasm. “