Pepe Cibrián sells 400 rings: which are his most precious and why

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The director shows them for the first time. Where did he bring these charms that marked his life. They go on sale on Thursday 24.

Prominent, in different shapes and colors, with stones, pearls and glitters, animal faces, skulls and masks: this is the collection of more than 400 rings by Pepe Cibrián Campoy (72) that will be on sale through Instagram from this Thursday, September 24.

“They are part of me”, confesses Pepe Cibrián Campoy. It is that the theater director was always characterized by showing off his hands, very flirtatious, full of jewels. However, Pepe has reinvented himself since the pandemic and believes that now is the time to sell them: “Right now one has to be lighter in luggage. For that reason, it is that I’m going to sell part of myself I’m going to prostitute myself selling rings”, Says the artist about the relics that cost between 9 and 22 thousand pesos.

From the intimacy of his endearing home in Pilar, surrounded by its 120 palm trees, together with his adopted son and his dogs, Cibrián showed him exclusively Clarion his 10 most precious rings. Those that served as an amulet for his successful career and love life and that he brought from the most distant and exotic destinations.

An ivory, bronze and stone skull ring bought in New York, one in the shape of a strawberry with gold bath acquired in Venice and another in silver with stones enameled from Egypt, are some of the jewels that Cibrián will put on sale in his account @colleccionpcibrian.

All their jewels tell stories. “I bought this ring on my first trip to Paris,” says Pepe about a blue and green piece of stones. “It reminds me of my first wanderings around the world, when I was young and went to see musicals abroad and dreamed of doing them in my country. It reflects the struggle and passion that I always wanted to transmit to my disciples and to my casts, which, tirelessly, I never stopped doing so ”, he says.

Another of his favorites is the one with the head of an anubis (Egyptian god of death) blue with stones. Was gift from Santiago Zenobi, his former partner and the great love of his life in one of the many trips they made together. “Even though we are already separated, I will always remember him fondly. The material does not matter at all, the memory and the heart remain ”, Pepe comments and asks:“ Isn’t it beautiful? ”.

A golden mask with pink, green and black enamel, reminds him of one of his professional milestones: “This ring was given to me by the first cast of Dorian Gray, an excellent group of people with whom we spent many hours rehearsing on the opening night at the Opera theater ”. Cibrián admits to forming “families” with all his work groups: “They have all given me jewels, but I remember this one especially,” he says.

In turn, he confesses that there is one of which he would not get rid of for the world: the one that he gave to his mother, the great artist Ana María Campoy. “I gave it to him the opening night of The importance of being called Wilde, the last play we worked on together, where she played my mother on stage ”. And she adds: “It is a super beautiful memory, which she used throughout the season that we worked together. She has a lot of sentimental value for me, because I have the best memories of her as an artist and as a mother, of course ”.

In 2019 in an interview for this newspaper, the actor confessed to having modified his “way of seeing the material.” “Now I think more about the needs of the other, I am more open to criticism, I laugh in a different way; there are things that no longer matter to me and others give me pleasure ”, he commented.

Since the pandemic began, Pepe completely reinvented himself and made his debut on the quarantine star digital platform. He teaches theater classes online, captivates with his Instagram stories and sweeps away a cycle of works of his authorship by Jewelry like Marica, Caligula, Dracula, The hunchback of paris and Juana, the crazy are part of the proposal.

However, the author and protagonist of hundreds of works highlights the supremacy of face-to-face: “I believe that with face-to-face theater virtual theater is going to go down, because it is not the same. Now because there is no other way, but then the theater will go down and come face to face with the people, this is going to change many things. A virtual class is not the same as a face-to-face class ”.

The quarantine failed to stop him and the actor went for more. “I was offered to teach by Zoom and I thought it was fantastic. It is a challenge until you get used to it, until you find the way around. The acting workshop was fantastic ”, says the artist and clarifies that he only has spots available for the month of October.

Make the most of virtuality: she also plays the character “Jacinta, la española” through Instagram to “have fun and amuse people.” “It arose from a play with Viviana Saccone before the quarantine in which I played a Spanish goalkeeper,” said Pepe. “Here I am”, greets Jacinta in her videos, full of flowers on her head and, of course, wearing her striking rings.

“I live with projects, because otherwise I would feel dead.” In his nature is that continuous rhythm that a great artist carries. It does not rest, and even the pandemic was not an excuse to do so. “I carry the quarantine as I can. Anxious, thinking ahead. It’s so hard not to be tired being me”, He assumes.

Taking advantage of the time he has at home, Cibrián prepares for the season: in January he will The great Depression, with Moria Casán, and the musical White Hell. For the latter, the artist auditioned for Zoom and explained: “We live in such a brutal time with drugs and others, that I found it interesting to generate a love story between a head of a barracks and an archaeologist”. And he added: “Love exists between all beings. Even among the most corrupt and wicked ”.

Cibrián also left his mark on the Singing 2020, in which he served as a jury with Nacha Guevara, Moria Casán and Karina “The little princess”. Regarding his short stay in the program produced by Marcelo Tinelli, Pepe highlights: “It was very pleasant, I had a great time, I felt very comfortable, I had fun.” And he continued: “Then it happened that my aunt tested positive for coronavirus and I had to stay home. Within days there was already a person who was replacing me and saying ‘I’ll be back’ seemed dishonest to me. And he sentenced: “I do not regret it, I had a great time, but until there.”


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