Pep Guardiola and a crude look at current football and its demanding schedule: “The coaches no longer exist”

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Guardiola complained about the string of matches and the little time of work that a DT has today. “Today is to survive,” he said.

Every time Pep Guardiola speaks, he is worth listening to. The current Manchester City manager does not usually play the cassette or use set phrases when asked for an opinion on current football. And this time was not the exception.

After the match against Olympiacos on Tuesday for a new Champions League date, the successful DT was asked about Domenec Torrent, his former field assistant for 11 years and currently managing Flamengo of Brazil. “Yes, by results. I have not been able to see matches. We are in contact. We have sent each other messages. We talk from time to time. I know that he has achieved good results,” he started saying.

Then, Pep took the opportunity to cast a critical look on current football: “What we have talked about is like everyone else … that there is no time to train, that it is only recovery and game and that there is no time to improve to the team. It is to survive. Our job as a coach now is in the office, that (the players) do not get injured and nothing else. Strong.

Asked if that is everywhere in the world, he added: “Yes, it is the same everywhere. Coaches no longer exist today. They are player managers who don’t get hurt. There is very little time, there is nothing to do … And everything is pre-match and recovery, pre-match and recovery and so it is very difficult to be able to do things so that the team can improve. But Dome (by Torrent) has a lot of quality and the team has achieved good results. “

It is not the first time that Guardiola questions aspects related to the calendar. In recent times, due to the pandemic that forced the dates to be compressed, the string of matches became more noticeable. For example, since the current season started in September, City played 11 games in 43 days. That is to say, one match every four days. And in the middle there was a stop for the double FIFA date.

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