“People should not have CT scans for prevention purposes” – Ministry of Health

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Chief specialist in radiation and instrumental diagnostics of the Ministry of Health of Russia, Professor Igor Tyurin believes that Russians are paying excessive attention to computed tomography of the lungs as a method for diagnosing COVID-19. This creates a lot of excitement in the diagnostic departments.

“In order to diagnose COVID-19, citizens en masse, without waiting for a doctor’s appointment, want to do computed tomography (CT) of the lungs. CT scan is good at detecting changes in the lungs, but it does not diagnose infections. This means that if a particular patient with specific respiratory complaints does not have changes on CT, this does not mean at all that he does not have a coronavirus infection. Because the presence or absence of covid can only be established by laboratory diagnostics, only by PCR reaction and subsequent immunological tests, ” quotes Professor RIA Novosti.

According to Tyurin, the most reliable method for diagnosing coronavirus is the oropharyngeal smear PCR test. Computed tomography of the lungs is not a screening method for COVID-19. With its help, complications in the lungs are detected, which can be caused by a coronavirus infection or flu.

“This means that people who do not have any respiratory symptoms should not have CT scans for prevention purposes. It makes absolutely no sense, it overloads the health care system, prevents everyone from working without exception, ”said Igor Tyurin.

The professor also recalled that the study using CT is associated with high radiation exposure, which is very unsafe for the body. Tyurin recommended taking an X-ray if respiratory symptoms develop within 4-6 days.

“If there are no changes in the image by the end of the first week of the disease, then there will be no changes during CT, and there is no point in doing CT for such a patient,” the expert emphasized.



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