The International Competition “George Enescu” launched on Wednesday, 139 years after the birth of the composer George Enescu, the challenge “Save the Beauty in Life”, which invites society to respond and take a stand in the face of fear, adversity and uncertainty generated by the pandemic, giving value to life and beauty, he writes

Actors Marius Manole, Medeea Marinescu, Ana Ularu and Maia Morgenstern, poet and playwright Matei Vişniec, composer Dan Dediu, plastic artist Mircea Cantor, film producer Ada Solomon, soprano Bianca Ionescu, violinist Alexandru Tomescu, conductor Tiberiu Soareiu, pianist dancer and choreographer Gigi Căciuleanu, film critic Irina Margareta Nistor, ARCEN founder Edmond Niculuşcă, and executive director of the “Enescu” Festival, Mihai Constantinescu, are among those who have already joined the campaign.

“Our message to you – people of culture, artists, musicians, opinion leaders, spectators, music lovers and life lovers – is that, in times of crisis, we all have a responsibility to adapt gracefully, to act for life to continue, while keeping room for beauty and for plans and dreams, and for their realization “, it is shown in the manifesto of personal and social responsibility” It depends only on us to choose what we lose and what we save in time pandemic “, launched on Wednesday.

As of July 13, the American Arts Organization has estimated an estimated $ 9.1 billion in direct financial losses to the arts, plus a loss of more than $ 10.4 billion in the entertainment industry. In the EU, Eurostat has estimated that more than 7.3 million jobs in the creative and cultural fields will be affected by the end of the year, raising the issue of preserving Europe’s artistic and cultural values ​​”at all costs”. In Romania, the subject of the existential threat that art and artists face today has not generated any concerted reaction or cohesion.

The 2020 edition of the “George Enescu” International Competition, scheduled to take place between August 29 and September 20, will be reorganized into two distinct phases: the first two stages of the competition will be held online in September, according to the initial schedule, and the Semifinals and The finals of each section will be rescheduled in May 2021, at the Romanian Athenaeum in Bucharest. Public access to the opening gala and the first two stages will be exclusively online and free

The George Enescu Contest functions as an international launching platform for future world-renowned performers and for promoting the works of the great Romanian musician among the new generation of artists around the world, thus being a natural complement to the George Enescu Festival, the most important cultural event. organized in Romania. The contest has four sections – violin, cello, piano and composition – and the international standards according to which it is organized place it at the top of the hierarchy of genre events held in the Romanian classical music landscape.