France and several various other countries closed their borders along with Britain on Monday for nervous about a new strain of coronavirus that is definitely much more contagious. The measures wreaked havoc on transport and obstructed many French people in The british isles.
British citizens or third-country excellent residing in France or the European Union can also be able to enter or transit over the country if they test negative with regard to Covid-19.
Also, British citizens or even third-country nationals who have a legitimate expert or other reason to travel from UK will also be accepted in People from france, provided the Covid-19 test will be negative.
The government has detailed several categories of people to whom the particular measure will apply, including individuals inside transit for less than 24 hours in international areas, diplomats and their people, health workers, air staff or even train operators.
The new guidelines will be valid until January some, unless they are revised following zwischenstaatlich talks between the UK and People from france or EU-wide talks.