Penalty points after the Grand Prix of Tuscany

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In 2014, the FIA ​​introduced a system of penalty points for riders who participated in incidents or violated the rules. If a pilot reaches 12 points in 12 months, he will be removed from participation in one race, but this has not happened yet. The penalty points expire one year after the accrual.

During the Tuscan Grand Prix, penalty points were awarded to Sergio Perez (1 point for an incident in Friday practice) and Kimi Raikkonen (1 point for crossing the white line at the entrance to the pit lane in the race).

Penalty points after the Grand Prix of Tuscany

Racer Command Points The following points will expire:
L. Hamilton Mercedes 8 17/11/20 – 2 points
A. Elbon Red Bull Racing 4 03/08/20 – 2 points
D. Russell Williams 3 01/08/21 – 3 points
S. Leclair Ferrari 3 13/10/20 – 2 points
D.Kvyat AlphaTauri 4 27/10/20 – 2 points
K. Raikkonen Alfa Romeo 4 09/29/20 – 2 points
K.Magnussen Haas F1 3 09/29/20 – 1 point
A. Giovinazzi Alfa Romeo 3 02/08/21 – 1 point
S. Perez Racing Point 2 08/16/21 – 1 point
M. Verstappen Red Bull Racing 2 26/10/20 – 2 points
D. Riccardo Renault 2 17/11/20 – 2 points
L. Norris McLaren 2 12/07/21 – 2 points
E. Okon Renault 1 08/08/21 – 1 point



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