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The Speaker of the US House of Representatives, the Democrat Nancy Pelosi, considered that the revelations on the taxes of the president Donald Trump, pose a “problem of national security” for the United States.

Pelosi was referring to the New York Times revelation that Trump has personal debts valued at about 421 million dollars, whose payments will have to face in the next four years and that in case of being re-elected, they put him at risk of insolvency during his second term.

Trump’s debts

The leader of the Democratic majority in the Low camera He assured in an interview with the television network NBC, that this circumstance raises doubts about whether there are foreign people or nations that could have “influence” on the ruler.

“This president seems to have a debt of more than 400 million dollars. To who? To different countries? What is the leverage (of debt) you have? For me, this is a national security issue, “Pelosi said.

Although Trump has refused to disclose his tax returns, as all candidates for the US Presidency usually do, The New York Times gave details of his finances this Sunday, including those debts, but without going into details. , the ruler qualified the information as “fake news”.

They suspect Putin

“We take the oath to protect and defend (the country). This president is the commander-in-chief (of the Armed Forces). He has a credit exposure for several hundred million dollars, to whom? The public has a right to know, “Pelosi added.

The Democratic leader specifically referred to the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, of whom he said that you have to know “what the president has politically, personally and financially” to influence him.

Pelosi mentioned Trump’s attempts to “undermine” the US commitment to NATO, favoring Russia and Syria, “trying to blame Ukraine for interfering in our elections”, when the ruler “knows very well” that the culprit is Russia.

“The list goes on and on (…) It says that he likes putin and that Putin likes. Well, what is the connection? We’ll see, “he assured.

Do not pay taxes

According The New York Times, Trump paid only $ 750 in federal taxes both in 2016, when he won the election, and in 2017, a ridiculous figure considering the fortune the president claims to have.

The president supposedly he also paid no federal taxes in ten of the last fifteen years due to losses that you reported to the Tax Collection Service (IRS).



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