Pelicans’ Board of Directors has decided that the Chairman of the Board will be the Vice Chairman for the time being Tommi Kurkaa. The club reported on the website. The other members of the Board are Simo Santapukki and Juho Ruoti.

The Pelicans had previously announced that they had moved Pasi Nurminen aside from the plots of the chairman of the board and the CEO of the club.

For the time being, the position of the CEO is held by the CEO Lauri Pöyhönen. Pöyhönen leads the club’s operational activities and sports activities as sports director Janne Laukkanen.

Pelicans will also set up a so-called Advisor group to support the board and operational management, with the task of bringing know-how to the development of the company through various fields. The members of the group are Forenom’s Chief Operating Officer Jussi Saarinen as well as sales and marketing management positions in various companies Joonas Ollila.

Lawns are suspected of several crimes. He is suspected of grabbing the steering wheel of a taxi while driving as a passenger. The taxi derailed and Nurminen is also suspected of hitting the taxi driver after the exit.

Grass is suspected of aggravated drunk driving, aggravated road safety hazards and assault.