Pegasus: The defense counsel has little to say about the ongoing investigation

Thursday morning, Emmanuel Macron called a special defense council to address the Pegasus case and cybersecurity issues. According to the Gabriel Attal spokesperson, the council “allowed for a progress report” to be prepared on current investigations.

Gabriel Attal was questioned by BFMTV this afternoon. He stated that there are ongoing investigations and that the defense council has allowed us to receive a progress report.

“A certain amount of Security protocols have been revisedEspecially around the President. In addition, the National Information Systems Security Agency has started offering people who may have been targeted by an attack technical support, ”he added.

France suspects extremely serious acts in espionage

Mardi The world And Radio FranceThese are all part of the Group of 17 media At the source of the revelations regarding a mass surveillance system linked to Pegasus software, it was revealed that a number from the Head of State was “in the list selected by a security services of the Moroccan state, user of Pegasus spyware for potential hacking”.

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Gabriel Attal, the morning’s correspondent, stated that “The President of The Republic is following the file as closely as possible” and took this matter very seriously. France InterFrance continued its investigation after revelations about the possible targets of the spyware in the phones of Emmanuel Macron.

The survey doesn’t indicate if all his phones are infected.Gabriel Attal stated that data may have been deleted, therefore, this is what is being examined.

The state services are confident that they can block malicious attacks.

AFP received assurances Wednesday from a security source saying that Emmanuel Macron’s phone security settings were as restrictive as possible, and that downloads and installations of apps are restricted.

“It is a case that, if what’s been revealed by, it is. Radio France (And the journal The world) is confirmed and proven, is very serious, “Gabriel Attal repeated Thursday.

“The The President’s phones are regularly changed. There are many security settings that protect and they are constantly changing. There are security measures that are in place, the spokesperson said when asked about negligence at the top.

Gabriel Attal also stated that it was necessary to protect “other (people concerned),” the public and economic sector of the country. He also recalled that a plan of 100 million euros had been launched one year ago to “equip our hospitals and help our local communities” against cyberattacks.

(Source: AFP).


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