Pegasus: The case merits exceptional defense advice

Emmanuel Macron will preside over an extraordinary defense council Thursday morning, dedicated to the Pegasus scandal, Israeli spyware allegedly used to hack or attempt hack phones of French journalists and politicians, according to the door. – government speech, Gabriel Attal.

According to a survey done by a media group, the results include The world And Radio FranceOne of Emmanuel Macron’s potential targets was the Pegasus software.

“The President of The Republic is closely following this matter and This matter should be taken very seriouslyGabriel Attal, France Inter declared “, “He added that the President will convene this morning (Thursday), an exceptional defense council to address this Pegasus matter and to cybersecurity in our nation. C ‘is a serious matter, if journalistic revelations can be confirmed.

Jean Castex, the Prime Minister, stated Wednesday that the government has “adopted” a new strategy.A whole range of investigations were ordered“To shed light on the Pegasus Case.

Morocco claims it will investigate “unfounded charges”

Morocco has pledged to conduct an investigation into “unfounded claims” that it used NSO software for espionage.

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According to a statement made Wednesday by the MAP media agency, the Moroccan public prosecution believes that the press information contains “derogatory” statements. Serious accusations and allegations“They” are “harming the highest interests of the kingdom.”

Today, the Moroccan government charged the media with “anonymous” reporting.Attaques of hatred“for the treatment in the Pegasus case with the objective to place Rabat” under their control,” and requested material evidence to support his charges.

NSO dismissed all charges against it on Sunday, stating that the software was only intended for government agencies and their use in fighting crime and terrorism.

It is unknown if Emmanuel Macron and the former head French government were spied on.

Later in the day, it was revealed that Angela Merkel, Germany’s Chancellor, has asked for stricter restrictions on the sales of spyware such as Pegasus. “It is crucial” that such software “doesn’t get in the wrong hands”, and “this software shouldn’t be sold (or used) to countries where monitoring of (wiretapping operation by the courts might not be possible,” Angela Merkel stated during a press conference.

Source: Reuters and AFP


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