Pedro Capó: life after the success of Calma, shamanic experiences and different types of love

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In 2018, together with Farruko, he made the big hit of the year. Confessions of a man of four decades whose fortune came when he least expected it.

Success came to Pedro Capó when he no longer expected it. In 2018 and at 38 years old, He launched Calma (Remix) beside Farruko. His artistic career took a 180 degree turn. Until then, while he was already a renowned singer, actor, and composer from Puerto Rico, he had failed to be the face of such a massive project. “Music has always been my strong suit and I feel that now I am going through a special moment“says Capó, in a video call with Clarion.

“Honestly, the song was written with a certain innocence. We didn’t intend to make it a worldwide hit. We didn’t even think of it as a single. It was a process of exploration and fun. How nice that it reached such a hit that surpassed our expectations! Especially because it talks about beautiful things that we all have access to, “he says.

The theme exceeded two billion views on YouTube and it was crowned Song of the Year and Best Urban Fusion / Interpretation at the 2019 Latin Grammy Awards. an English version with Alicia Keys with which he conquered the Anglo-Saxon world.

“The inner child wants to see the stadium full and those things that one sees in the movies. But when one is on the way, one sees the way. He celebrates the small victories and dodges the difficulties that prepare one more and more. I don’t know if I was looking for it already, at that point. Success comes to me at 38 years old. I was in a good place, as a composer and as an artist too, in a smaller capacity. But I welcome it with open arms. It excites me, challenges me and invites me to keep going for more“.

The Puerto Rican is the heir to an important musical legacy. Is Bobby Capó’s grandson, from whom he took the artistic surname, a renowned composer. His grandmother is Irma Nydia Vázquez, the first woman from the island to participate in the Miss America beauty pageant.

However, Capó’s work starts were not easy. “In Puerto Rico they said: ‘He’s Bobby’s grandson, let’s see if he’s holding onto the surname or if he’s capable’“. During years lived in New York playing in bars and restaurants where he also worked as a waiter.

In the early 2000s he started acting and landed important roles like in the movie Paradise Travel. Her musical career took off in 2010, when she recorded with Thalía. I’m in love. Another milestone in his career was the launch of The bite, Ricky Martín song, which Capó co-wrote.

Although he is now fully dedicated to music, the artist does not rule out the possibility of returning to acting. “It becomes a passion; another way of expression. When I’m acting I focus completely on the role, on defending it, and I put the music aside. But music has always been my strong suit and I feel like I’m going through a special moment now. In some future I will surely return, “he says.

Hood has been practicing for more than 20 years Amazonian shamanic processes from Peru, with traditional medicine and ayahuasca. “This has been a spiritual healing process, psychological, physical and it has also been an inspiration for my music. “Capó released his fourth album and gave it the title Munay, which means absolute love in Quechua.

This is also the name of the Peruvian camp that he attends to carry out these processes. “Spirituality is very important in my life. It is one of our strongest sides. We are body, we are mind, we are emotion, we are spirit. I always try to nurture myself on each side, to balance it. “

His new album, which is also home to the hit Calm, has 11 songs that, according to the interpreter, reflect the different forms of love.

Capó delves into the idea: “Not only of romantic love but love of empathy, understanding … Love of the simple things in life, to which we all have access. Passionate sexual love, which is also part of the color palette. Talk about love with our social commitment, to the homeland, love for the claims that arise when we are facing injustice. That is also born of love. And it is my album of celebration for the beautiful things that have happened in my career, my way of thanking you for so much love and my way of contributing in these difficult times “.

The singer was recently nominated once again in three categories for the Latin Grammy Awards. “I completely lost the nominations: I saw the phone and saw about 10 texts that said congratulations, and I said: ‘What is this about?’“.

The 2020 edition of the awards will feature great Argentine presence. In addition, of the genres that represent the country, young artists who venture into urban music stand out.

“It is nice to see this new breed of Argentine artists who are representing very well and setting the tone. Nicki nicole, (Paulo) London, Nathy Peluso, Duki. Many people who are bringing very nice proposals. Argentina has always been a very strong musical house in Latin America. I come from listening a lot of rock from the ’90s. How nice to see the resurgence in these times! “, He reflects.

Hood does not dodge any question, and with a smile that cannot be does not avoid talking about politics. Last year, Puerto Rico suffered a major crisis that ended with the resignation of the island’s governor, Ricardo Roselló. Artists like Resident Y Ricky Martin they took to the streets to protest against him.


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