Peculiar “borgs” cause hospitalization of numerous UMass students.

Over the weekend, dozens of University of Massachusetts Amherst students were hospitalized after participating in the dangerous “borg” drinking challenge, which has gained popularity on TikTok. The trend involves emptying a gallon container of water and refilling it with alcohol and flavorings. The hashtag #borg on TikTok has garnered over 82.5 million views. While there is some logic behind adding water and electrolytes to slow down the impact of alcohol or lessen hangovers, experts are worried that the gallon size encourages binge drinking, and one borg could contain 16 servings of alcohol or more. The university and town officials issued a joint statement stating they would assess the recent developments and improve alcohol education and intervention. All incoming students are required to complete an educational program on alcohol consumption at the school, and the program includes discussions on the size of standard drinks and the physiological and medical risks of binge drinking. Two students were arrested for underage drinking during the incident.

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