Kirill Babitzin, or Kirka, died of an aortic rupture only at the age of 56 in 2007. Kirk’s wife Paula Nummela remained a widow at the same time. The world crumbled for a long time, as the couple had had time to share their sorrows and joys for years. Married jewelry designer and musician have 15 years.

Nummela, 67, often remembers her spouse.

– He never thinks he’s going. Sadness always exists. Musicals and all such things remind him of him, Nummela tells Iltalehti.

She was only 54 years old when she became a widow.

– After all, it’s time to heal wounds, but beautiful memories remain. That is exactly what has happened. I have a lot of warm memories, Nummela sums up.

The most important thing is health

Paula Nummela is currently suffering from the flu at home in Helsinki. For a week, he hasn’t seen people lest he infect anyone with the flu. He has not yet had time for the corona tests. Due to illness, Nummela’s long-awaited Kirkka 70th anniversary show at Finlandia Hall was also missed.

Kirk’s widow Paula Nummela has not been able to attend Kirk’s memorial concerts or the musical held at Finlandia Hall due to illness.

– I’ve been sick, and sick with the flu all week. It’s annoying, but you can’t go there sore to get sick, Nummela sums up.

Nummela’s niece Pink represented the family at the event.

– Despite the flu, it’s good. Here I am and I live in Helsinki. After all, this is quiet anyway during the Corona and recession, he says.

Known as a jewelry designer, Nummela has not designed any new jewelry in a moment. The Nummela stone foot shop closed its doors a couple of years ago.

– The online store is open and ordered from there, but not as actively as before. Basket design has been at a standstill for some time, as have many other things during such a lifetime, he tells Iltalehti.

It is great about Nummela that Kirk’s music lives on and has been made a musical. He names it his favorite song A moment strikes hit, but says many other songs are just as important to him. Nummela recalls that A moment strikes once flew audiences at gigs and concerts. The enthusiasm of the audience was fun to follow.

– Music brings memories to the skin, the jewelry designer describes.

On the day of the singer’s death, the widow lights candles in her home. Good moments with loved ones are fun to remember.

– I have everything well in life. What I hope most is that those close to us would be all right and we would all be healthy.