Paul McCartney asked for patience: announced a delay in the release of his new album

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At 78, the musician was scheduled to publish McCartney III on December 11, but advised that he had to modify the scheduled date.

Paul McCartney fans will have to wait a little longer. As the musician himself explained, the launch of McCartney III a week will be delayed due to “unpredictable production delays.” And as if he had to be accountable at 78, the beatle announced through Twitter that the sequel to McCartney I, from 1970, and McCartney II, from 1980, will be released a little later than scheduled.

Although months ago he confessed that he did not plan to release a new album later Egypt Station (2018), the stand in the industry of music by the coronavirus pandemic allowed him to finish unfinished letters and start creating other.

“Unpredictable production delays have forced the release date of Paul’s new album, McCartney III, be late a week until December 18, 2020. Thank you all for your patience, support, and enthusiasm for the album. We can’t wait for you to hear it! ”

But the announcement did not go unnoticed, and it drew all kinds of comments. Some followers concerned about Macca’s health they asked if it was due to Covid-19Others asked him to release at least one song and there were those who told him that they would forgive the delay if he was present at their birthday party.

The 20th century pop / rock music icon worked in his home studio in Sussex, southern England, and recorded his new album in nine weeks. “If you’re alone, you can have an idea and then play it very quickly. Whereas, with a band, you have to explain it. Sometimes that’s great … But when you’re hanging around on your own, there are a feeling of freedom“he said recently about the recording process.

“Most of the things are new. There are one or two (songs) that I had not finished and since I was able to get into the studio, I thought: ‘Ok, wait a minute, what’s up with that one?’. So I would take it out and think: ‘Ugh my god’. And I was trying to figure out what was wrong or why I didn’t like it. In some cases, the voice or the words just didn’t work, so I’d take it all away and say: ‘Ok, we made it completely different’”.

The musician confessed that while composing and recording I didn’t know what I was going to do with that material, until he decided that it would be a new solo album. He said that by not having a specific project in mind it was a fun process. “Because I wasn’t aiming for a proper discus throw, I was just trying. So I think it’s ended up being exactly what it is, that I’m not trying too hardexcept for fun. “

The album that was announced in October will reveal unreleased songs in which McCartney plays all the instruments, and also sings. This is his 18th solo album. “I was just doing what I wanted to do. I had no idea if this would end up being an album,” said the musician, who began writing after listening to an old song from the early 1990s that he had not released, When Winter Comes.

The photos that will appear in McCartney III were taken out by his daughter Mary and his nephew Sonny and some others he did himself with his cell phone. Those who accompanied McCartney I Y II had been taken by his first wife, Linda, who died in 1998.




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