The Jets have lost a couple of important key players of the last season – especially from the stern. The team have left Dustin Byfuglien, Jacob Trouba, Tyler Myers and Tobias Enström.

It has been replaced by a mere dozen items.

Now the starting pits are Patrik laine.

The pay cap is certainly one of the reasons the Jets haven’t been able to hold on to their key players. Winnipeg is also not the most attractive city for NHL millionaires.

Winnipeg Sun’s disc supplier Scott Billeckin according to the core of the problem, however, is the organization itself. The club does things wrong when it fails to hold on to its best players.

According to Billeck, Laine is the latest example of this.

– It is reasonable to claim that the Jets have simply failed with Laine, Billeck says directly in his column.

The Jets booked the Finnish full draft as the second player in the summer of 2016, but the place in the top chain has been tight, although the result has come at a commendable pace in the form of goals.

– There’s no reason why Laine couldn’t have played on the left Mark Scheifelen and Blake Wheelerin with, Billeck writes.

– Of course, it can be said that it took Laine a year or two to understand what is required of her in the NHL, but it became clear to her last year. When it was possible to put him in the top one chain or lower, the choice hit the latter, Billeck marvels.

According to the puck supplier, an even bigger problem than the game is that the Jets have not found a suitable center for Laine in the second chain, where they want to force the paint cannon.

– Mistakes have been made. And the players have left, Billeck sums up.

According to the man, the situation in Winnipeg is worrying, because if Laine leaves, then the question is: who will leave next?

Billeck wonders how the club has not realized the situation, even though Trouba and Byfuglien have already decided to raise the switch.

– If Trouba and Byfuglien had not yet woken up, then Laine would be best done.

Losing a Finn would be a disgrace to the whole organization.