Transfer rumors Patrik Laine around do not seem relieved.

Canadian TV company Sportsnet made a story about what the situation now looks like in the canadian crazy city of Canada, Winnipeg.

On-site Sportsnet supplier Sean Reynolds reports that the journey of Laine and the Winnipeg Jets may end soon.

“I think that difference is inevitable,” Reynolds began.

– Laine is a player who wants a puck on his shoulder and he has proven to be a top scorer in this league. So now the question is why he’s not in number one.

Sportsnet recalled several times during the story that Laine is stuck in the second chain when the number one attackers Mark Scheifele, Kyle Connor and Blake Wheeler have been in full game condition.

“Laine probably thinks the Jets have missed opportunities over the years, and that’s why he now wants a fresh start somewhere else,” Reynolds continued.

Wave’s last season ended with an injury in the middle of the playoffs. In the 68 regular season, he had time to score 28 + 35 = 63.

Nightmares of the past

The Jets ’return to the NHL has been a big boost, as the Atlanta Thrashers it replaced failed to consolidate their place.

Laine is a well known superstar in the city.

“The popularity of the wave is incredibly high in Winnipeg, especially among children and young people,” Reynolds said.

Therefore, a possible departure will lift the hairs of the older generation. Reynolds recalled that the people of Winnipeg had still not forgotten how Dale Hawerchuk and Teemu Selänne traded elsewhere.

Center legend Hawerchuk played four more really effective seasons in Buffalo in the 90s. During the 1995–1996 season, Winnipeg traded Selänte to Anaheim, after which the player became a legend of Finnish hockey.

– It was just awful for the fans. They knew what they lost with the Back. Laine is now in a similar situation to his tism.

– The nightmare of the fans would seem to be ahead again in Winnipeg, Reynolds said.