Winnipeg NHL star Patrik laine has started ice training in Tampere. Playing in Tappara SM League is possible.

– We have a few of our own puppies in the NHL that are reasonably tough. There is no one person who would not want them on their team. It may be a unique opportunity, says Tappara’s sports CEO Jukka Rautakorpi.

Playing wave in the SM League may be complicated by club transfer patterns in North America.

– “Patella” has a slightly different situation than these two other guys when she has many kinds of twists, Rautakorpi says.

“With two other guys,” he means Buffalo defender Henri jokiharjua and Florida Centers Alexander Barkovia.

– Jokiharju has been with Tappara all autumn, “Sasha” is training around the team. Sasha does individual stuff.

No NHL loans yet

Tappara has no NHL loan players so far.

– We have ideologically gone so that if there is no real need, it will not be taken. Of course, challenges in gambling or injuries, so we start to think about the need. There is no need right now.

If the NHL starts, the loan-free Tappara will be the winner of the story.

– That angle is a rather distant idea, Rautakorpi says and turns the conversation to a general level.

– Hopefully all the series would start. The more sets left unplayed, the worse it is for the sport.

Do you think the 2020-21 season will be played in the NHL?

– Probably no one knows that, but I believe that at some point during the 2020-21 season, hockey will be played in North America, an experienced hockey player answers.

With this information, the NHL would begin in January 2021.

– Even less is known about the situation in the AHL than in the NHL. The NHL has a major role to play in funding its series.