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The midfielder returned to Hurricane. It comes as an emblem of the campus, although it does not admit it. At 38 years old, beyond his face believing it, he says that he comes to offer his heart.

Patricio Toranzo looks with clear eyes. Clear because of the light blue color, clear because they tell it in their way of thinking and thinking. On the 18th, as many say by his number on the shirt, he is back at Parque de los Patricios. He is the last champion. He won the Copa Argentina in 2014, returned to Huracán to Primera, was a key participant in the victory in the Super Cup against River, in 2015. He was in the final of the Sudamericana in Bogotá, against Independiente Santa Fe. “I’m going back home. It is always a pleasure, “he tells Clarín in hand-in-hand with Clarion in times of coronavirus.

-You arrive as an emblem, without a doubt. But beyond that what is your goal?

-I don’t want to put myself in that place, beyond the gaze of the people. My goal is to accompany the youngest and compete for a place in the team.

-I mean, fight for a position …

-Yes, exactly that.

-Did you talk it over with Damonte, the coach?

-Yes, everything is clear.

He repeats it at one point in the talk: “I never left. This is my place. I said it about ten years ago.”

-What is your goal?

-Offer the best for the team. Everything you have.

-Why did you go back to Hurricane?

-Because I never left and because President Nadur insisted.

Toranzo is going to retire in Hurricane. He tells it without trauma. It is the most visible face of this campus that has so many kids. At 38 years old that his face denies, he tells a truth that will please any fan of the Newbery Globe: he comes to offer his heart.

-In Hurricane you also lived difficult days … How did you manage the accident in Venezuela?

-It was difficult. That accident does not happen. Beyond the physical damage. Sometimes when I drive an image of that comes across to me. It is something that may not go away anymore.

-Of the goals and plays that you participated in your previous cycles in Huracán, which one do you keep?


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