Passengers on United Airlines flight worked together to apprehend suspect Francisco Torres.

The chaotic scene that transpired on a United Airlines flight on Sunday has shed light on the heroism of several passengers who worked together to detain Francisco Severo Torres, the crazed individual responsible for attempting to open an emergency door and attacking a flight attendant with a broken spoon. According to passenger Simik Ghookasian, Torres was so forceful that several flyers had to take turns keeping him under control, with some even attempting to place him in zip ties. The incident has highlighted the value of teamwork in high-pressure situations. However, it has also brought to light the issue of mental health as Torres has a history of struggles in that regard. Despite his assertion that his rights were violated at mental health facilities where he was a patient, lawsuits related to the matter were quickly dismissed. Torres is now facing charges that could result in life imprisonment if convicted.

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