“Parliament’s agreement for the CAP is reasonable, now it is up to Mr. Planas”

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The reform of the CAP is one of the most relevant issues on the European table for the coming years. Spain looks with a magnifying glass, as it is one of the Member States that is most at stake. Adrián Vázquez, MEP for Citizens, is one of the voices defending the Spanish position on a Common Agricultural Policy that, while it will suffer cuts, it has to remain powerful enough. Now is the time to recount where the process is and the role that the European Parliament has played.

“The text that comes to us from the Commission that is circumscribed within the budgetary capacity of the Council”, explains Adrián Vázquez, Citizens MEP and one of the main voices in the negotiation, to 20minutos. “That was the first criticism we made of the Government, Spain becomes the third net recipient because Germany surpasses us.” Further, the country “loses 15% in rural development and that is a hard blow to the CAP that we had”. Vázquez is aware of the situation: “We know that the situation is complicated, but we believe that Sánchez did not do everything that could be done.”

The work of Spanish MEPs has been constant. “In Parliament what we did was try to reach a great agreement. Juan Ignacio Zoido (PP), Clara Aguilera (PSOE) and I myself have been very coordinated because it is a matter of state, not a political battle.” Going further into the matter, the orange deputy reveals that “the first question was in the groups, especially about the eco-schemes.” These are the practices of farmers and ranchers who are ‘kind’ to the environment. “We wanted a minimum percentage of environmental conditionality, 30%, and that they are voluntary for the farmer and mandatory for the State. We did that. But it is also that Spain, for example, already fulfills them, “says Vázquez.

In the new CAP “Spain becomes the third net recipient because Germany surpasses us”

The matter did not stop there. “The other big fight is to allow transfers between pillars, and another was the type of PAC that we are going to have: it will go from being compliance and a performance component will be added “. In Vázquez’s words, “we proposed a hybrid system for the next five years so that farmers and ranchers would learn about this process.”

The MEP, in this sense, sends a message to the government. “The agreement that has come out in Parliament is quite reasonable. We have left a good agreement to Planas for the Council“, but at the same time recognizes a certain surprise by the final decision of the PP.” I cannot hide my surprise at seeing the final vote of the Spanish PP, against the great pact between the three large groups in the chamber (PP, socialists and liberals ) “. Vázquez points out that it is” a great pact where we Spaniards have worked hard and very united so that the final result, as it has been, is the best possible for our farmers and ranchers. ”

“It has not only surprised me that they have distanced themselves from defending a national position, endangering the agreement, for wanting to make an anti-government speech, but have also decided to vote against the line of their own political groupAn action that is going to have very negative consequences within the European People’s Party in the remainder of the legislature, “he says. Likewise, Adrián Vázquez recalls that the agreement” was dead a month ago.

The process, however, advances. “With the Ministry we have spoken all week until the very Thursday before the vote. We hope that Planas can lower the percentage of eco-schemes to 20%. They do welcome the transfer between pillars, but we hope that they will not put it in the same goal that they scored with the Budgets “, he says, and hopes” that environmental conditionality is something acceptable. ” Summarize everything with one sentence: “From Parliament we have done our homework, now it is up to Mr. Planas.”



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