Paris Fashion Week: Dior hairstyles and accessories to inspire!

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It’s over Milan, Paris started! French Fashion Week is in full swing and, following the security protocols required by the pandemic, the calendar is divided between live and digital fashion shows. Among the brands that opted for physical presentations, Dior brought inspirations that promise to make your head up – literally! – in the spring / summer season. Check out 5 trends that Purepeople separated for you!

1 – The short bangs are modern and fresh

If you thought that fringe was not a good option for the hottest days, the Dior show at Paris Fashion Week proved the opposite. The tip is to invest in a shorter style, which in addition to being very modern, is super fresh for the spring / summer season. Oh, and who has curly or curly hair can also bet on the bangs to change the look. In this case, it is worth cutting a little larger than the desired size, since the tendency of the curls is to shrink.

2 – How about using the scarf as a tiara?

The scarf is pure versatility when composing a look. An idea coming directly from the Dior fashion show for the spring / summer season is to use it as a tiara, with a little baby on the top of the head. It looks very stylish, combines with several productions and even hides the bangs if you don’t have the intention to clip it. You can also invest in different moorings with the scarf and further enhance your look. Try it!

3 – Loose and very natural hair is trend!

The hair transition gained even more strength after many famous people decided to adopt natural hair. But, even if you haven’t gone through the process, get inspired by the Dior show to leave your hair very loose and very free. The more textured the better! It is worth protecting the wires with a specific product, but without weighing the quantity, if not necessary.

4 – Nagô braid is a tip for curly and curly hair

Still on hair transition, the nagô braid is also a good alternative for curly and curly hair that need to deal with very different textures and do not know what to do. Dior brought several inspirations and shapes to inspire! Another option is traditional inlaid braids, depending on the length of your hair, which also work on the straightest and waviest hair.

5 – The low bun brings sophistication

Do you want a fresh hairstyle idea, easy to do and that still gives an up to your daily production? Low bun! The style rocked at the Dior show and it has everything to do with the season of hot days that promise to come with everything! You can style it any way you like, but if you want to add a little sophistication effortlessly, go for the streak and gel to keep the strands well aligned at the root.

(By Marina Couto)


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