Paris and other cities in France, on “reinforced alert” and with new restrictions due to the coronavirus

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For two weeks, the hours for bars and restaurants are reduced and gatherings of more than 10 people are prohibited. Marseille, on high alert.

Scarlet, super red and red. The density of the colors on the map of France served the French Health Minister Olivier Veran to announce the danger of the new wave of coronavirus, which is advancing in the country and demands new restrictions.

Marseille, Guadeloupe and Aix Provence will have their closed restaurants and bars because it is in maximum alertfor at least two weeks, from Monday. They will be financially supported by the state.

In the rest of the country, bars and restaurants will be closed from 10 pm. There are at least 69 territories “in the red zone of active virus circulation” and the “situation is particularly worrying in Guadeloupe and Marseille.”

Paris and other cities such as Toulouse, St Etienne, Nice, Grenoble, Rouen, Lille, Montpellier and Rennes are in “heightened alert to the intense circulation of the virus”, Contagion and hospital overload.

The bars will be closed at 10pm in all these areas from Monday. The gathering of 10 people is prohibited in public spaces such as parks and beaches. Teleworking must be promoted. Measurements will last two weeks to seek to control the virus. The minister asked to reduce social interactions: do not multiply meals, avoid going out several times a week with different people.

A delicate communication exercise by the Minister of Health to alert the French of the seriousness of the situation to avoid confining and not blocking the economy again. That is the great dilemma, given the progression of the epidemic in the country. Dying of coronavirus or lack of work and livelihood or learn to live with it.

These colors of the Covid 19 map mark a new health map to highlight the different levels of circulation of the virus in large cities and the restrictions to adopt. So far they are going to demand that the preventive measures, which the French have abandoned since the lack of refinement, be complied with, except for the chinstraps, which are mandatory on the street.

“The circulation continues to increase strongly. The situation continues to deteriorate ”, warned Minister Veran in an announcement to the country.

According to the official, “at this rate 40 percent of regional resuscitation capacities are expected to be used by Covid cases in the Ile de France by October 10. The patients in resuscitation or intensive therapy have increased a 19 percent ”.

“It is still time to react” to slow the spread of the virus, Veran said. And called keep gestures barriers but avoid multiplying outings to bars and restaurants.

The Ile de France has its hospital system “strongly under tension”, the French Health Minister warned. The number of hospitalizations has doubled in one week, with 1,000 hospitalizations in seven days, compared to 460 last week.

“We do everything possible not to reach confinement measures,” said the Minister of Health.

After being questioned in Parliament, Minister Veran announced to the country that the meeting of 20 people will be prevented and the meeting of 5,000 to 1,000 people will be prevented from meeting large events. He prohibited the opening of gyms, party rooms and multipurpose rooms.

“The epidemic situation continues and is deteriorating more rapidly in some territories. There is significant hospital pressure in certain territories. We have already taken measures in this territorial strategy and graduated, ”said Gabriel Attal, government spokesman, in the Council of Ministers.

Paris, correspondent



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