Parents cause brain damage to their baby after putting her on a strict vegan diet

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The parents of a girl in Australia who underwent your baby on a strict vegan diet, depriving her of vital nutrients to the point where she developed cerebral palsy, they will not face jail and they have been condemned to community work.

In 2018, when the girl was one and a half years old, she was admitted to the hospital and there the doctors discovered that she had bruises on her body, was cold to the touch, lethargic and had dark-colored blood in her diaper. In addition, they found that he presented a level of malnutrition similar to that of children in the countries affected by hunger.

Since she was just a few months old, the parents stopped feeding her breast milk, ignoring the pediatrician’s advice, as he asked them to supplement their daughter’s diet with breast milk. But they fed her instead with coconut milk, fruit juices, smoothies, plant-based foods, etc.

A judge has assured this Monday that the girl, now three years old, faced daily struggles in her cognitive development, physical functioning and communication, and discovered that the course of his life was altered for the actions of their parents. But it does not sentence the parents to jail since the parents already provide a healthy and nutritious diet, according to the local portal The Age.



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