Paraguay: the EPP guerrilla demands the release of two of its leaders in exchange for the kidnapped former vice president

Oscar Denis was kidnapped on Wednesday in the center of the country. The armed group also demands the distribution of food for 2 million dollars.

The family of Óscar Denis, the former Paraguayan vice president kidnapped this week, maintained a tense wait this Saturday after the guerrilla of the Paraguayan People’s Army (EPP) demanded after the release of two of its leaders to hand him over.

This Friday, at a press conference, the daughters of Denis, 74, who was vice president during the term of Federico Franco, between 2012 and 2013- showed a bag left by the kidnappers with the inscription “fabor (sic) deliver to the family of Óscar Denis “.

The guerrillas are demanding that Carmen Villalba and Alcides Oviedo, two of their leaders who are in prison for kidnapping, be released within 72 hours. At once, ask the family to deliver food worth a total of 2 million dollars to 40 communitiesreported the newspaper ABC Color, Asuncion.

The food shipment must be distributed, along with clothing, farm implements and seeds, according to the demands of the guerrillas.

“If they do not comply in eight days, the case will be closed and the detainee shot,” the kidnappers said in their message to the family, read to the press by Edith Denis.

For her part, her sister Beatriz asked the EPP for proof of his father’s life and the establishment of a channel for dialogue, after fulfilling the kidnappers’ first condition of making their claims public.

“I earnestly ask for proof of my father’s life since we are going to do the impossible to be able to comply with the requirement and have him back safely,” he said, and assured that the family wants to “dialogue,” according to the newspaper. Last minute.

The family has only received a sheet with a signature that would correspond to Denis, “but that for me is not proof of life,” he said.

On the other hand, the daughters of the former vice president pointed out that it is possible that their father’s driver, Adelio Mendoza, kidnapped the same day as Denis, will soon be released.

In addition, they reported that they will send their father the medicines he needs in the same place where the guerrillas left their message and that they have a promise from the authorities that they will clear the area for humanitarian aid.

“We have the commitment, gentlemen, so please leave my father’s medicines in that place and please provide him with medicine to dad”, asked Beatriz Denis.

The former vice president and his driver were assaulted while traveling inside a vehicle on a farm owned by the liberal politician, in the Concepción area.

From the first moment the authorities suspected the EPP, a group once again in the news in Paraguay after the Joint Task Force stormed one of its camps on September 2 and killed two eleven-year-old girls, daughters of one of the leaders of this guerrilla.

The kidnapping took place 32 kilometers from the attacked camp, and eight kilometers from facilities that the guerrillas set on fire the day after the military operation.

The government of Mario Abdo Benítez, from the Colorado Party, did not initially comment on these EPP demands.

In this regard, the head of the National Anti-Drug Secretariat (Senad), Arnaldo Giuzzio, told the EFE agency this Saturday that it is an attitude of “prudence” and taking into account the situation the family is going through.


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